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The Wyandotte is one of Americas’ oldest and most well-known and loved breeds. This breed is known for their beautiful black and white feathers and bright red combs and waddles. The combs on these chickens are referred to as rose-type combs. They are dual-purpose birds and are raised for both eggs and meat.


Females will lay approximately 150 to 220 eggs per year. The eggs are medium in size with brownish shells. The hens are known for being fantastic mothers and going broody. If you have a rooster in your coop and you want chicks, you'll want to have a Silver Laced Wyandotte in your flock. They are beautiful chickens and will be medium in size when fully grown. The hens weigh an average of six pounds each; the roosters will top out at just under nine pounds.

Silver Laced Wyandotte

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