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The Silver Westfalische Totleger, aka Silver “Deathlayer" hen is said to “lay an egg each day” until the day she dies—but there is a slight misconception in that statement. This beautiful breed molts and takes breaks from their laying cycle to regrow their feathers just like all other chicken breeds, but statement that they 'lay an egg each day' is true because there seems to be no laying difference between the amount of eggs that a young hen will lay compared to much older hens, hence appropriately giving these birds the proper name, “Deathlayer”.  


The Silver Deathlayer is a very rare and fragile breed of bird which can make finding them difficult. This beautiful bird has only recently come over to the United States. Even in their native country of Germany, they are rare. Hens lay a medium white egg. 


Silver Deathlayer

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