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The Faverolles is one of our favorite chicken breeds. They're gorgeous and wonderfully odd-looking, with muffs, a beard, feathered legs and five toes. 

Hens are absolutely beautiful with colors ranging from a honeyed salmon with white lacing, snowy breasts, and fluffy white faces to a darker, mahogany color with pretty speckled beards. Roosters are huge and magnificent, parading around with a virtual rainbow of colors: iridescent black where the hens are white, burnished with bronze on their backs and wings, while their hackles and saddles the color of pale straw. The chicks are creamy yellow, sometimes with a sooty smudge or two, and they are so cute with their tiny downy legs!

Male Faverolles are particularly calm and dignified, and make great roosters for the home flock since they are not as aggressive as some others. They are shy and sweet-natured, but so docile that they tend to find themselves at the bottom of the pecking order in a mixed flock. The hens lay medium-sized creamy light brown or tinted eggs in and can lay up to 240 eggs per year.

Salmon Faverolle

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