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The Olive Egger chicken is a hybrid chicken breed that is specifically bred to lay eggs in various shades of olive or moss green. They originated in the early 20th century through crossbreeding of heritage chicken breeds. Breeders aimed to produce greenish-hued eggs by selectively breeding chickens with blue and dark brown egg-laying traits from breeds like Araucana, Ameraucana, and Marans.


Olive Egger chickens are known for their delightful and endearing personalities.  They are known to be quite sociable, often seeking interaction with their caretakers. Olive Eggers are generally docile and calm, making them suitable for families and backyard flocks. They are also good foragers, enjoying their time exploring the yard or pasture but are also content in confinement and can adapt well to a smaller coop or run.


The plumage of Olive Eggers can be quite striking. Due to their cross-breeding, they can have a wide range of colors, patterns, and feather textures. Some Olive Eggers may have smooth, while others may have frizzle plumage. Olive Eggers often display a mixture of earthy tones such as browns, grays, and blacks in their feathers, creating a beautiful appearance. They may also have speckling, mottling, or other unique patterns. 


Olive Egger chicken eggs are one of the standout features of this unique breed. They are sought after for their distinctive and captivating colors, ranging from olive green to mossy or khaki green hues. These eggs can add a delightful touch to your egg basket or kitchen. They are good layers and can produce around 150-200 eggs per year. 

Olive Egger

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