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These fluffy, beautiful chickens are one of the largest breeds, with typical Orpington full bodies and fluffy butts. The mahogany background color is sprinkled with speckles of black and white, with a bright crimson and emerald sheen. This patterning can be compared to the Speckled Sussex, but the Orpington carriage and feather texture make all the difference.


These Orpingtons, although being special, are not known for an attitude. Their calm and gentle disposition renders them as kid-friendly and patient pet chickens. Also, these docile birds enjoy being petted and easily become lap chickens. 


Their eggs are cream to light brown – which is a lighter egg coloring than most Orpingtons. The size of the egg is medium to large. They also have good egg productivity and would reward you with 150+ eggs per year.

Jubilee Orpington

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