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Polish chickens are a long-established breed with record dating back to the 16th century. They were originally known as Paduan or Patavinian fowls and are known as Polish Large Fowls in the British Poultry Standard. Polish chicks are known for having feathers that grow from a knob in the skull of their head, giving them a recognizable crest. Golden Laced Polish chicks are black and brown with a crest. If a comb is present, it is of the V-type, and they have clean, blue or slaty blue legs and feet. Adult plumage is primarily golden bay laced with black. Their crests should be black laced with golden bay that changes to golden bay laced with black after the first molt. Polish chickens are mainly show birds and are recognized by The American Poultry Association. They lay an average of 180-200 eggs per year and are white in color. You can expect your first eggs to come around 20 weeks or more. Polish Chickens are gentle and great with kids.

Golden Laced Polish

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